Sunday, August 16, 2009


Witness this wonderful rendering of T.S. Eliot by Nashville artist, Dick Murphy.
Today has been a lovely day full of the prospect of hope, due in part to Dick's fine capture of the brooding poet. Also, life is sometimes difficult beyond imagining. There are griefs, sorrows, hurts, and sufferings too numerous to count. Sometimes we find ourselves situated between a rock and a hard place. Eliot knew these dire roads. Yet he used words to provoke hope:

I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope

For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love,

For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith

But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting.

Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:

So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.

from The Four Quartets East Coker

Thanks be to God for the gifts of T.S. Eliot and Dick Murphy.


Gretchen Joanna said...

Thanks for the quote from Eliot. I listened to Four Quartets on tape in the car for a year or so, read by him. It made a big impression on me.
I just read your blog for the first time tonight, and would like to stop by again. Thank you.

Jeannette said...

Yes, thank you much for the T. S. Eliot ! I will read more here.