Wednesday, May 20, 2009

School Days

This post is for the parents and teachers. Kids can read it too. G-rated. I promise. But primarily I'm thinking of the adults who are either breathing a sigh of sweet and/or anxious relief that this leg of the journey is nearly over. It seems like just yesterday that little junior was can this be that my eldest child is graduating from high school? Or, how is it that the first year of teaching at this new school is almost behind me..?
It is all in the blink of an eye, I suppose, because that is the nature of time, it is, at its core temporal. And, the good news for you is this, in eternity, there will be no tests, no hurdles of achievement or comparing one's child to another, no competition. As you pack up the things of your child, or your classroom, and you begin to ponder the stress of next year, take five. Stop a minute, if only in your mind and submit to the everlasting truth for which we wait, the very reason for which education was lauded in the first place: Jesus.

Christ has already won the prize, and there, in heaven with him, we will be about the business of worship. Always. Forever. Amen.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Cowardice and pride are at the root of what stalls me from living out my salvation with fear and trembling. Ugly sin to be sure, but thanks be to God, I have an advocate of the utmost courage and true humility. Fall now at the feet of him who saves. God's peace be with you friends, [for that peace is the only peace which will do].

Go this rain-soaked day and do what it is you do: write, counsel, argue, serve, teach, instruct, rest, live, and die......well, with courage.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Back in the Swim


It's hard to convey how deep that opening sigh is. Please use your imagination(s) This past Saturday, I planned to attend a writing workshop. As is usually the case, when I even stop to think about prattling on in writing, I get the jitters-picture multiple sighs as manifest in the muscles of your heart. I hemmed. I hawed. Thanks be to God, I went.

So, I decided to start posting here again. There's an awkwardness to the first plunge. Or should I say re-plunge? At the workshop, I wrote a verse about the swim class in which I was enrolled-as an infant. Yep. An infant. With apologies to Saint Paul and the Holy Spirit of God, when I was a child, I swam as a child, now that I am older, I still swim as a child.

In the interim- this long delay between posts, I waited on the side of the pool. I waited for the desire to stop writing. It never really took, but for a time, I had no words. There was the tradition of the Lenten season-how convenient for a law-keeper! So I waited longer.

For those of you waiting on God, keep waiting-listening. And when the time comes, jump in, the water's fine.

Sola Deo Gloria.