Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We were on the sand, sunning, relaxing, me and dad. He was reading the Money page of the newspaper. Like he almost always does, he shares what he reads. (Perhaps where I get the inclination to prattle on about current events myself...?) The topic of the current financial crisis prompted him to express his concern and worry. One of the things I appreciate about my dad- he does not confine his worry to things financial. He fidgets about it all. He has in him a trigger set in motion from birth; all things not right are an anathema to him; he has the curious male tendency to fix; repair; make right the wrong. Yet he is typically very conservative. Convicted conservative, I like to call him. We do not always agree. Sometimes we do.

I disagree with President Bush on this- I thought you'd like to know, he said Really? Inquisitive I was. He was speaking of the parachute clause Bush seeks to include in the bail-outs. My dad sees it as too far-reaching of the government to take care of business. We agree on this, but I had to laugh when remembering the King of Rock and Roll's mantra. T C B baby! I can see him, hear him and the spawn of him, Bachman Turner Over-Drive screaming their #1 hit Taking Care of Business. Think me not too naive. Elvis and the like were not referring to actual Wall-Street, but another business entirely-that of self gratification.

Perhaps our financial leadership's TCB is their lust for money. The grave truth is their insatiable want of money is motivated by the people who hire them, who invest for self-gratification. We have met the enemy and he is us.
The sad scheme of financiers has perpetuated itself to near implosion. The reality that our financial world is but an illusion calls me to ponder the investment made in me as I have been bought and kept by one worthy.

On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand All Other Ground is Sinking Sand, All Other Ground is Sinking Sand

May we take care to be wise in all matters, seeking the kingdom of God first so that all else will follow.

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