Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Holiness of God

I re-read the last post, Superseding Indictment. Some of you might be appalled. My inclination would have been to worry what you think of my post, what you think of me, but, for now, for today, and for truth, that is of no matter. Some of you might be asking questions I've asked myself after the re-read:

-Do you really think that about God, Wallace? Yes, at the risk of offending and/or alienating you,

dear reader, I do.

-It makes God sound so mean. Sound(s) mean- isn't that subjective?

- Poor Wallaces' self-esteem must be riding pretty dang low today. Yeah. maybe so. If my self

esteem stays in the dirt til Jesus returns and I can proclaim the truth of the gospel, so be it. God

alone is faithful, I am weak, He is strong.

-Death, I mean, right off the bat, for the tiniest infraction? His holiness requires it. What kind of

God would he be if his standard was not a standard, but mere whimsy?

-Well, Wallace, you can think that if you like, but I believe God is benevolent, loving and kind.

Here, we agree.

-So how can God be both benevolent and wrathful?

-Only one truly righteous, truly just and truly holy can be both at the same time.

-What are we to do with a God like this?

I thought you'd never ask, receive the Truth as revealed in the person of Jesus.

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ssg said...

The "set up" to spotlight this truth was compelling as was the Truth itself.