Friday, May 30, 2008

Making Sense out of Suffering

Peter Kreeft's book, Making Sense out of Suffering is on my summer reading list 2008. I'm nearly finished with it, and am thankful to Ravi Zacharias folks at RZIM for recommending it. If you are breathing, suffering is a matter with which you struggle. Some souls have more opportunity to engage through suffering than others, no doubt, but it has affected all of us. Kreeft is a philosopher and professor in the discipline at Boston College.
I've always been a railer at God for the whys of sufferings. This exercise, in itself, is futile, but as Kreeft's book helps me see, my fury and questions are no hindrance or setback for God. He deals respectfully with detractors of the Christian faith, but clearly lays out an apologetic for the faith and for the 'good' of suffering.

One syllogism he shares:

If we do not suffer, we are not wise.
If we are not wise, we are not blessed.
Therefore, if we do not suffer, we are not blessed

May we seek the path which God has ordained for us, and not shrink from pains on the path, but enter into the fellowship of his suffering with grace afforded to us by his hand.

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