Friday, May 23, 2008


No, not golf, or short for those fussy things folk wear on french cuffed shirts. But a reference, a tie in, a way to those for whom, and with whom I stand. Some is blogspots, some are internet sites. I'm new at this fancy 21st century blogdom. There's bound to be a more cool, efficient way of listing links, but ladies and gents, this is as good as it gets right now. This is my answer to preserving the card-file system in your local library. Amused? I thought so. - friend and fellow pilgrim, Danny Bryant of Franklin Tennessee. He loves the gospel of Christ; a teacher by trade, he instructs young minds by Truth. These youngsters, including his own, will not grasp til heaven the impact of his teaching. Wide is the circle. Danny's sports commentary; another window into his widening circle for the Gospel. writes like a man on fire, also loves the Gospel it is not rush limbaugh's cousin bob, it is a veritable delight. Pacific Northwestern fellow who engages the culture for the sake of truth John Piper. He can flat send out the word. - a Journal you to which you should subscribe William F. Buckley's legacy pretty dang serious conservative thought petit Wall Street Journal online theology from a Reformed perspective. fun stuff - yeah. so, I'm a sports fiend. all you ever wanted to know about movies. and some things you didn't your daily dose of Garrison Keillor Abraham Piper twentysomething pilgrim coolest museum I never visited. Yet. Visual Arts Center, right here, Nashville. It does not qualify as a museum because its focus is not a permanent collection. But come on! Don't miss it. poetry. the essence of cool. more swank verse. ditto -everything single malt a treasure trove bookstore- Franklin Tennessee, Joel & Carol

Tomlin proprietors Grizzard/Robertson cousins wealth of creativity the Grizzard- Robertson union, an unfolding of their

built lives together need some copy, editing? this is the place. hippy dippy cool site of oldest friend Tom Woodard.

Somebody stop me. I could link you til the cows come home. And that'll be awhile since I live in suburbia. So, keep these or toss.

Time to turn this contraption off. Peace.

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