Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Blind Woman

Blind as a bat sounds disrespectful. And, it may be. But Jane Early did not need eyes to see God. She immersed herself in the Word, and taught from her swanky Braille KJV translation as it rested on her lap. Her companion, a large yellow lab; the dog's harness was a rich mahogany colored leather. As Jane taught, the dog did not move a muscle. When she excused class the dog would stand and wait until we all departed to escort Jane to her waiting ride. Jane and Mrs. Williams both hailed from Reformed Calvinist traditions and as with Mrs. Williams, we learned as Jane's student right away our dire need for God- it was constant and without Jesus as our intercessor all hope was lost. I forget what caused Jane's blindness. It is not darkness for which she is remembered. As she delivered the message for which she was made, it is the light of God's glory I recall.

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